Current classes

  • Infant Centered Childbirth Education, An approach for modern families

Childbirth education is one of the best ways to empower expectant parents to take responsibility for the birth of their child through informed decision making. This class prepares couples with information and experiential exercises. The traditional childbirth topics are covered, including reproductive anatomy, mechanisms and stages of labor, options for pain management, and the process of labor as it occurs with and without medical interventions. In addition, parents will learn what is important for their baby before, during and after the birth to optimize bonding and attachment. Couples are given tools to enhance communication and teamwork. A template is provided from which to create a birth plan reflecting informed choices. Class provides time for practicing positions, pressure points, massage techniques, breath work and other coping strategies. Homework is given to deepen the learning outside of class.

Group setting: 4 classes, 2 hours long

Private setting: 2 classes, 2 ½ hours long

The fee, $350.00 per couple


  • Baby Blue Prints, Baby behavior and developmental milestones

Understanding the needs of a very young child can be overwhelming, until you understand their behaviors and developmental milestones. This foundation for child development is vastly neglected in parenting education, yet provides the answer to so many questions about raising a child. The Baby Blue Prints class will inform parents, grandparents, and caregivers about what to expect through a child’s first year. Participants will understand infant states, non verbal communication, the reasons for crying, cues for sleep and feeding, when to engage in play, when and how to calm an irritated baby, and more. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own parenting values and options for care giving, connect with their partner to continue forging a parenting alliance, and practice ways of explaining their parenting preferences to others who are sharing in the care of the child.

Group setting: 2 classes, 2 ½ hours long

Private setting: 1 class, 3 hours long

The fee, $150.00 per couple, $75.00 for individuals


  • Thai Massage for Couples, Building intimacy and communication through touch

Building intimacy and strengthening communication are practices every thriving couple engages in. This workshop is designed to enhance relationships through Thai massage, an ancient form of body work that combines stretching, joint mobilization and acupressure. Couples will each take a turn giving and receiving a massage as Jessica provides guidance and direction. Modifications will be provided to meet the needs of a diverse range of participants, including pregnant moms, or individuals living with or recovery from an injury or debilitating condition. Participants will need to bring a yoga mat, a pillow and a blanket to class, be physically able to get up and down from the floor, and easily move around a yoga mat. The interactive experience can be continued at home through the home-study tools provided.

Group setting, 1 class, 2 ½ hours long

Private setting, 1 class, 2 hours long

The fee, $150.00 per couple


  • Intentional Living , Self care and planning for individual and family health

Self care and intentional living can be put on the back burner when in the throes of family living. For those not yet parenting, intentional living will enable the transition into parenting to be that much smother. This workshop provides a structure for reconnecting with your values and a vision for your life, utilizing a model of holistic health and coaching strategies.  During the workshop participants will focus on creating a self care plan, or a personal or family vision statement. Tools such as mindfulness, guided imagery, and personal sharing will help to clarify these intentions. Each participant will leave the workshop will a SMART Goal, a series of action steps, and a plan for accountability to support their desired change. Jessica engages each client individually as well as a group to support this process.

Group setting, 1 class, 3 hours long

The fee, $150.00 per person

Private setting, 1 hour sessions

The fee, $75.00 an hour


  • Infant massage and moms support, a weekly drop in group

Infant massage has numerous benefits, perhaps most importantly the benefit of the mother-child connection. Each week participants will learn a few new massage techniques to practice on their baby at home. During this informal learning moms will have the opportunity to connect with each other, providing peer support. Participants are encouraged to bring questions, share their experiences and make new friends. This is a drop in format, but preregistration is strongly encouraged. Moms should bring a baby blanket and massage oil. This group is designed for pre-crawling babies.

Group setting, 1 hour weekly on Wednesdays at 11:00

The fee, $10.00 per person

Private setting, 1 hour sessions

The fee, $75.00 an hour


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