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  • Birth and the Microbiome
    In recent years, the microbiome has been a hot topic in the world of research. Scientists are realizing the importance it plays on the lifelong health of an individual. Since the details pertaining to birth can have a drastic impact on the microbiome, either positively or negatively, we at Midwifery Today knew this issue’s topic, […]
  • Join us in Eugene, Oregon next April!
    You will learn from teachers such as Elizabeth Davis, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Anne Frye and Carol Gautschi. Planned classes include Using Rebozo in Prenatal Care, Shoulder Dystocia and Healing Trauma through Physiological Birth. Plan now to attend! Part of our conference in Eugene, Oregon, April 2017.
  • A Note to Fathers: It’s You She Wants
    From the MT Archive, an article by Lois Wilson: What is the role of the father who is present at the birth of his child? Is he a labor coach, advocate or partner? Is he a fifth wheel? A nuisance? A liability? In the twelve years that I have served birthing families in my community, […]

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