Ryan and Baby Rhett

Baby Rhett“From a male’s perspective, childbirth is simultaneously amazing and intensely emotional with a dash of frightening helplessness.  Many of us, especially the ones who support our wife’s desire to go without medication, really want to be involved but also have absolutely no idea how to give the emotional support needed in the heat of the moment.  Heck, it’s even difficult to remember all of the physical ways to help like fetching water, blankets, wet washcloths, towels, back rubs, etc!

This is why a doula, and especially Jess Cooper Ahlum, is an absolute necessity.  I’m sure some men would be content to hire a doula so they can sit in the waiting room until the nurse comes out and exclaims “It’s a boy!” so you know which color cigar to light up like in the 50’s (sounds tempting haha!), and I’m sure Jess would totally be up for that, but even if you plan on being hands on in the delivery room, you want her by your side.  She knows when to hang back and let the two of you have your own special experience, and when to jump in because you are too busy fumbling with the iPod trying to play the perfect birthing playlist to notice that your wife needs someone holding her hand right that moment.  I would say for most men, having Jess there to help will make you a more complete supportive unit and make you seem more helpful than you actually may be.  If you are on the fence about whether you need a doula or not, meet with Jess for an initial consultation.  She’s very friendly and pleasant and you’ll know right away that she’ll be an asset.  Plus, how handy is it that’s she’s a masseuse and postpartum coach too??”


Brianna, Brian and Baby Mila

“Brian and I looked forward to attending Jess’ Infant Centered Childbirth Education class every Saturday morning. We felt extremely comfortable in her home, and felt at ease Ralston Familyasking questions and opening up about our experiences because of the small and intimate group setting.  Unlike the large classes held at the hospital, we were able to cover several topics in depth and have a dialogue with one another because Jess encouraged participation rather than just presenting the material.

After completing classes, we went into the birth of our daughter feeling informed and empowered.  The information Jess shared with us during the four sessions helped us develop a comprehensive birth plan that we felt confident in.  During the delivery, Brian knew exactly how to time the contractions and he helped me get through the pain by utilizing the relaxation and pain management exercises we practiced during class.

One of the most beneficial and unique topics we covered during the classes was how to work together as a couple to understand our vision and values of parenting.

We also learned how to handle conflict resolution in order to establish solid foundation for our family.

I’d highly recommend Jess’ class to anyone who is expecting a child.  You will gain invaluable information, meet new friends and will get to share a personal experience as a couple.”


Olga, Mike and Baby Phillip

“Since we are first time parents we did a lot of research on pregnancy, care provider options, and birthing. After taking childbirth education class with Jessica we both felt quite prepared for labor, Booth Familycoping with contractions and hospital procedures, but clueless on what to actually do with the baby once it is born, so we asked Jessica to offer a baby care class so that we could be better parents to our newborn. The class covered developmental milestones, feeding, sleep patterns and baby cues.

Jessica is a very good teacher, allowing us to be prepared for the process of raising a newborn-to-infant-to-toddler, but what is best is that she helped us to be able to relax and enjoy the process.

The information was presented in a clear and concise manner, and afterwards we look forward to raising our first-born son with excitement and anticipation as opposed to nervousness and fear.”



 Lindsay, Chris, and Baby Marshall

“We used Jess as our doula and she was fantastic. We did our Marshall_photobirth classes with her and they were tailored made to our specific questions and areas of interest. No matter what kind of birth you want, Jess provides an amazing support system with no pressure to do things another way. We had an amazing natural birth because she listened to what we wanted and helped us relax during labor. We consider our family very lucky to have had Jess with us during our birth experience.”

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