The mission of…
Happy Families Happy Babies is to provide a continuity of care to families from preconception through a child’s first birthday through services that foster long term emotional intelligence and secure attachment.

Happy Families Happy Babies……Personalized health planning for new and growing families

Complementing conventional care…
To complement the medical and educational services most young families are engaged with, our company provides on-going partnership that supports, inspires, and reduces stress through coaching and collaboration. Through this partnership health optimization is possible for a variety of challenging situations new parents find themselves in.
Beyond physical or mental health conditions…
We view health as a holistic set of circumstances that can be optimized based on your values, priorities, resources and abilities. Our goal is to empower and support parents. We do this through on-going communication and problem solving to smooth out the transition into parenthood. We understand the challenges that come with parenting a very young child, but this time is also a critical opportunity for optimizing lifelong health for both parents and baby.
Lifelong health lies in the care we give to the youngest members of the family…
Between conception and a child’s first birthday development occurs at a rate unmatched by any subsequent stage of life, leaving unborn babies, newborns, infants and toddlers highly vulnerable to the stress experienced by pregnant moms and the loved ones that support her.

While parents adjust to the demands of early parenting they must find balance in personal and professional pursuits. We help you take responsibility and accountability for these goals through on-going partnership and health planning that will support greater health and happiness for the continuation of family life.


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